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The business has been in place since May 1998 and built up an enviable reputation for carrying out engineering work on Fleets from Stagecoach, First, Arriva, Go-Ahead and various other smaller Operators.  It then became involved with the production of converted buses: theses were hi-tech, standalone vehicles with on board generators, air conditioning, computer systems and in one case, a fully functioning kitchen to educate the Public on the production of cheap but nutritious meals.  Within 2-3 years we became one of the best producers of these in the country and it was only when we became more heavily involved with the provision of local school transport that we would down that part of the business.

Our services are all commercial local services.  Technically anyone could catch one of the buses by standing at a bus stop and holding out their hand.  We apply the local authorities concessionary fare schemes as appropriate and we have several direct small contracts with schools when the service cannot support itself in this way; often these are after school services to collect children engaged in after school activities like sports.

None of our services are supported by the local authorities; they all depend on the money generated by carrying each individual passenger.  If the service does not run we don’t get paid.  This gives us an opportunity to work closely with each school to provide the optimum route and timetable; we do not have to worry about whether a child is entitled to statutory or non-statutory travel.  Many of our bus services carry significant numbers of children that would have to make two or even three separate journeys each way because there Is no direct service offered.  Government legislation does not provide for these children and they depend entirely upon our buses to get to and from school.  To make these viable we will interwork them with other school routes; in other words. Although a route where there are, say fifteen children on board that are all non-statutory’ and are not entitled to school transport, we will fit in another run before and or after it to make it work financially.  In turn, many of ‘our schools’ depend upon these services to make themselves viable.